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Why the NDP Didn’t Win

By David McLaren

The NDP shoulda won the Ontario election.


They were up against a rookie on the right and a tired and failing government whose only idea was to steal ideas from the NDP.


But Doug Ford did what any politician worth his salt should do – he channeled the temper of the times. And that temper is anger – especially in rural Ontario.


We’re not stupid. We can see the inequality of the times in our paycheques. We can see it in the closing of our schools and nursing homes. We can see it in the vacant storefronts and struggling family farms.


So, what was the NDP’s response? A bidding war with the Liberals on who could offer the most big-government charity. And how would the NDP pay for it? By going to the rich saying, “Please sir, could we have some more.?”


It’s not the job of the left to beg for charity from the very people who thrive in a gilded age. It’s to take what’s needed to level the playing field. To give people the tools to lift themselves … the kind of thing unions do for workers … the kind of thing innovative industry does for a community.


The job of the left, especially in hard times, is to form a government that will do those things. Or, if it cannot, to keep from majority rule a right-wing populist, who, by his very nature, will not make the rough road smooth.


The NDP did neither. 

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