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No Excuse For Kids In Hot Cars

By Phil De Land

 We're all happens.

You walk into a room for that thing you need only to stand puzzled and say...what am I in here for?

In most cases it's understandable and forgivable...except when it comes to your kids.

Already this year a child has been killed after being left in a car that got too hot.

Shortly after people took to our favorite information sharing source, social media, to give helpful tips on how to remember to take your kid with you.

I'm going to say that to remember your kid...that's in the car...where you put them.

There's no excuse for forgetting that your child, regardless of their age, is in the back of your car...or any car you're driving.

If your mind is so preoccupied with life that you can't remember the little human you brought into this world you need to rethink your priorities.

This isn't limited to children either, this goes for animals.

You bought, adopted or rescued a little furry friend and still leave them in the car?

Even with the windows cracked an inch and a breeze, your car can get as hot as 31° in just 10 minutes.

After 30 minutes? 40°

Stores nowadays will let you bring your animal into the store so they don't get hot.

There's an entire campaign built around it.

If you want to be a parent or a pet owner you have to put their needs inline with yours.

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