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Canadians Now In The Oil Business

By Stan Didzbalis

 We're all now in the pipeline business thanks to the incompetence and paralysis of our federal government.

Last week, the Canadian government announced it is buying the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan for four point five billion dollars.  Add another seven billion to complete the pipeline extension to BC.
This after Kinder Morgan tried for six long years to comply with an exhausting list of regulations and to consult with anti-everything special interests to build the pipeline itself.  As business people, they walked from this disaster because they never got the support of our federal leaders.
Our government long ago decided to kill two other pipelines. At the same time, they swore up and down that Trans Mountain would be built.  Now, Liberal strategists, backs against the wall, decided they must deliver on the promise.  The taxpayer will be left to foot the bill, when experienced private operators would have been happy to a few years ago ... if the government had acted decisively with action ... not rhetoric.
The Liberal government announced the pipeline acquisition last Tuesday.  That's the same day the Auditor General slammed the same government for incompetence in handling the Phoenix pay system.
Imagine that ... a government that can't figure out how to properly administer its payroll system after almost three years will now be responsible for running a pipeline.

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