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24 Sussex Drive 2

By Dave Carr

In this summer of 2018, if I had any wish of government on a lesser matter, my call would be to tear down24 Sussex Drive, and build a new, modern Prime Ministerial residence this country can be proud of. The ailing, asbestos-containing, and out of date structure along the Ottawa River just doesn't do it, and we can --and should -- do better! Sadly, this is an area of expenditure where governments are traditionally weak-kneed. But really, for a Prime Minister's home that would actually be useable, it's past time. Way past time!24 Sussex Drive does not have the kind of iconic history that makes it unique. The land was expropriated from an owner only in the 1940s, 24 Sussex only became a Prime Minister's residence in 1951. Britain's 10 Downing Street, by comparison, goes back to 1732. The American White House goes back to 1800. France's Elysee Palace has been a presidential residence since 1848. But ours is so dilapidated, our current Prime minister has not lived there since taking office over two and half years ago. It is costing us some $36,000 every blessed month for upkeep and security, and no one's home. Or will be. To me, at least,there is just no national treasure in the place. This country boasts world-class architects. Let's hire one to design a Prime Ministerial home worthy of a national leader, a place primarily of residence and some ceremony, but a bit of business too. 24 Sussex's just waiting for urban renewal!

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