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Resistence Is Futile

By Catherine Thompson

Resistance is futile. Do you remember that catchphrase from Star Trek: The Next Generation?
The warning issued by the Borg has become a bit of mantra for me lately.
That's because I've been resisting what's been happening in my life rather than going with the flow.
My car bit the dust recently and I was not prepared for that. Not at all!
I knew this would be the last year with my Accent, but I was really hoping to have until the end of this year to save up a decent down payment for a new car.
Have you ever been so attached to your vehicle or something else you've had for a long time that it brought you to tears to say goodbye.
I definitely cried and was stressed out about needing to make a quick decision to get a new or new to me vehicle since I couldn't be without a car for very long.
Many of us rely on vehicles to get us to and from work and our other responsibilities.
So not only was I resistant that this was happening now and I had to deal with it, I was also resistant to considering lifestyle changes I will have to make to be able to afford a car payment.
I had an unrealistic view of the type of vehicle I could get for the amount of money I wanted to spend and was very resistant to increasing that too low amount to get in line with reality.
I am now the happy owner of Versa Note and am grateful everything has worked out.
This experience has reminded me that life doesn't go according to our plans.

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