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Hot Enough?

By Ian MacLennan

Hot enough for you?   Some of the same people I know that were on hands and knees earlier this spring begging for summer weather are the same ones raising a sweaty fist, complaining it's too hot.
When it comes to Canadian weather, you can't please everyone.
In particular,  the summer season.
Just like the porridge in the book Goldilocks and the Three Bears,  it's either too cold, too hot, or just right.
The Weather Network released it's summer forecast this week, and for southern Ontario, is predicting a warmer than normal summer,  but just maybe,  an earlier start to cooler conditions as summer winds down.
Environment Canada has been crystal ball gazing and will release a summer forecast June 1st,  though Senior Climatologist David Phillips spilled the beans. he also said summer would be warmer than normal in southern Ontario.
Not endless 30 degree heat like we had in 2016 but more 30 plus degree days than last year,  which Phillips noted you could have counted on one hand, and Mother Nature didn't get cooking, so to speak, until September, when most everyone was back to work and back to school.
As for precipitation,  tough call says Phillips and the Weather Network, often summer gully washers are very localized,  but with a prediction of more heat and humidity,  that often adds up to more storms.
Let's not rain on anyone's parade or get too hot under the collar,  enjoy the upcoming summer season as you see fit.
By the way, the day's start getting shorter on June 21st--we lose a second of daylight. 
Just saying...

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