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Opinions Can Be Wrong

By Ben McCully

Opinions...they're like, well you know, everyone's got one. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But some opinions can be wrong. Opinions CAN
be so ridiculous, they probably shouldn't be shared. But it works the other way too. Some opinions can be so solidly based in common sense or
be so true, you can call the opinion, actual fact. Another school shooting in the US yesterday. At a school that had armed police officers
on campus. So, the opinion that having a good person with a gun is an answer to stop shootings, doesn't hold weight. The opinion that the only
answer to school shootings is arming more people, doesn't apply. And  once again, the opinion that those that push for gun control want to
take away law abiding citizen's guns, is just wrong. But the opinion in regards to common sense gun laws, the ones that get intelligently
presented every week there's a school shooting: that there needs to be stricter background checks, that guns need to be kept away from those
with mental illness history or criminal records, why, that's such common sense, those opinions are pretty much fact. Gun control is needed. An
opinion and fact. The system in the United States is tragically broken. Opinion and fact. Taking money from the NRA so that you refuse to do
anything to stop kids from being killed, that's evil. Also opinion and fact. But...this is all just my opinion.

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