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Not Arriving Where We Intended

By John Christie

 A few days ago, I entered the final year of my sixth decade. Well into enjoying Seniors' Discounts now, permit me this observation: Large numbers of us don't arrive where we first intended to go. In my personal network, there are two guys. One set out to get a Masters Degree in something-or-other. The other was a great lakes sailor. Both sooner or later followed their dreams and became model train makers. A former marketing executive from the big city now sells furniture in my home town. A guy who sacrificed a good job, pay and benefits to be a film producer. A taxi driver where I live, now sadly passed away, was a newspaper editor. MINE is a story with a twist. While still in high school, and having completed two summers as a printing platemaker, I decided to set my sights on radio. That was my first full-time job. I have not been in it continuously though. For twenty years, I pursued other passions, lay ministry for a while, and, mostly, public transportation. But here I am, gone full circle. The last job I'm doing for pay, is back in radio. I've been blessed, you know. To have pursued my passions, and get paid for them. I'm not rich, but I feel somewhat successful. And if I've become the least bit wise, I won't ask for more.

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