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The World Of Social Media

By Ian MacLennan

 You may have seen the Facebook video or at least heard the story about the British Columbia woman who verbally attacked a group of men at an Alberta Denny's,  flinging racial slurs,  telling the group they're "not Canadian,"  tossing obscenties, and making fake accusations about their heritage.

The fallout was swift.
Not just from Canadians denoucing this woman, but from her employer.
Management at a car dealership in Cranbrook, where she was employed, reviewed the video, and then gave her her walking papers.
The woman's outburst did not happen at the dealership or across the street from it,  let alone in Cranbrook, it was in another province.
She wasn't working at the time.
Human resources experts who spoke to the Toronto Star said--welcome to the world of social media and its consequences.
In this day of high-tech,  the woman's outburst was exposed for everyone to see,  including her employer.
Michael Annett, an assistant professor of human resource management at MacEwan University told the Star that in the modern climate,  companies must manage their brand and reputation as much as their saleable products and services.
And in this case,  there was no turning back.
The video has over a million views and has been shared 18,000 times since Thursday afternoon, according to the Star.
So, as mom told us when we were growing up--think before you speak or at least count to 10.
Your job may depend on it.

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