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Has Mr Trump Lit the Fuse?

By David McLaren

If North Korea gives up it’s nuclear missile program and unifies with the South, let’s give Mr Trump his Nobel prize. But we may have to take it back if the Middle East blows up.


When I was running in the 2015 federal election, I likened the Middle East to a telephone box stuffed with dynamite. That comment wound up on the front page of the Jerusalem Post, which tells you how closely Israel pays attention to such things.


Mr Trump pleased his friend Benjamin Netanyahu by spiking the deal with Iran on nuclear arms. And he did so again by opening the American Embassy in Jerusalem on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s Declaration of Independence.


Forty miles away Palestinians were recognizing the same anniversary by being killed by Israeli snipers. 1200 miles away, Iranian conservatives are pushing the government to reboot its nuclear program.


The telephone booth is still packed with dynamite. We must worry that a fuse has been lit.

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