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On Dog Poop

By Jill Young

Dog poop.
Yes if you're eating right now, you might want to put down the fork.
This is a topic that's not the nicest, but it's a conversation that needs to be had.
This week, my poor fiancee  took the dog for a late night walk before bed, when the dog grabbed something in his mouth.
He went to go remove it, and figured out that soggy stick was none other than another dog's poop, that our dog thought -- was some sort of snack.
Horrified, he walked home with his outstretched hand, dreaming of the moment he made it to the sink to scrub it through the night until the next morning (which still wouldn't be enough for him!)
Now my soon-to-be husband wants to chop off his hand because of the irresponsible dog owners.
My fiance doesn't even like picking up after the dog with a bag, nevermind touching another dog's doo -doo with his bare hand, but - we do.
We pick up after him because it's the responsible thing to do for a dog owner.
It's also a great way to keep the streets of our small town in Grey County clean...after all... we should all take part in keeping it beautiful right?
Not to some people.
If you don't like picking up your dog's deposits, I suggest not walking him or her on the sidewalk where other people walk, and maybe venture out into the woods or something.
There's nothing worse than stepping in dog poo, or worse having your dog eat it, absolutely no excuse for it.
Now stop your disgusting habit and "scoop the poop", and if you'll excuse me.... I'm off to console my fiance from his experience, and brush our dog's teeth.

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