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Kanye's Tipping Point

By Ken Hashizume

That thud you felt on Friday afternoon was not an earthquake. It was a collective dropping of jaws from millions of people after hearing Kanye West made his comments about slavery. It was quite a shock for sure. But some also seem to forget this is the same kanye West who went on TV after Hurricane Katrina and said George W Bush does not care about black people.
While people are trying to wrap their heads around why Kanye went on TMZ and said what he said, no one is really talking about the real issue, which is what got him to make those comments in the first place.
There comes a time when people reach a tipping point and no longer want to join the choir. Kanye was simply sick of reiterating other people's messages.
Some would compare Kanye's rant to the actions taken by ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick where his first sat then later took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality. If you buy into that comparison, you also agree going rogue is a two-way street. There are a lot of people you will be alienating and most, if not all, don't want to be caught dead in the same room as you.
If people are serious about freedom of speech and free thinking, they would stop going on television shows saying how offended and outraged they are about what Kanye had said. Instead, they should let his words, like these, speak for themselves.

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