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By Fadi Didi

It seems marriage isn't as important as it used to be.

A new poll from the Angus Reid Institute found 53 per cent of Canadians feel marriage is not a necessary part of being in a relationship.

One in six Canadians believes marriage is not necessary, at all.

That flies in the face of a similar poll a generation ago, who said living together before marriage was living in sin.

Millennials make up a large part of the numbers who feel marriage is an outdated tradition -- and I think part of the reason is the hardship younger generations face.

It makes little sense to think about marriage when you need two or three jobs just to get by, and you're happy simply being with someone.

The economic hardship of a generation has forced younger people to recognize the elements of our culture that serve a purpose, and the ones that don't.

Another element slowly being phased out is children.

More often, we're seeing people opt for the childfree life. It goes back to the economic hardships of being able to afford one life, let alone two or three.

It's not to say well-behaved children can't be raised in low-income households, because we know that's not the case -- but the choice to have children is one more people are making less often because of their economic status.

A lot of the reason for the change also falls on women -- who have more social leeway to pursue a career, and no longer need a boyfriend or husband for financial stability.

The move toward independence has sparked an economic boom in the tourism sector for couples referred to as DINKS -- which stands for Dual Income, No Kids.

DINKS are common among gay couples who, for obvious reasons, can't have kids -- but it's a trend we're seeing even more among straight couples.

Living in a tourism area myself, I look forward to meeting a lot of DINKS this summer.

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