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May The 4th Be With You

By Catherine Thompson

May the Fourth be with you.
You know I had to! Since it is May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day, many think about their fandoms.
My definition of fandom is a group of people who spend most of their free time obsessing over a genre, a particular TV show or movie, books, or a particular celebrity.
I am a Fangirl and yes Star Wars is one of the most popular and biggest fandoms.
Being a part of a fandom means sharing your passion with other like-minded people and making new friends at comic book conventions or in online groups and forums.
This has me further thinking about how busy I've been lately. Actually, the first part of this year has seen me trying new things including acting.
But some of my friendships have suffered along the way.
So a priority is now to spend time picking up the phone and reaching out to friends who don't live near me and setting up days to hang out with my local buddies.
I recently spent an hour on the phone talking to a friend I haven't seen since we went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida before Christmas.
Re-connecting gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and reminds you why you chose them as your friend in the first place.

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