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Who Do You Fear More?

By Dave Carr

If my information is correct, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will go to the Lieutenant Governor in just 4 days to start the official Ontario election campaign It will be a 28-day affair. Well, you know as well as I do, that ain't right....this campaign began a few weeks ago, and it has boiled down to a campaign of fear and loathing. That is essentially the only question you are going to be asked between now and June 7th: which leader do you loathe and fear more -- Kathleen Wynne, or Doug Ford? Poor Andrea Horvath -- I know there's an opportunity for her to come up the middle as kind of the only politically nice person left standing, but really, what's sad is that as the Liberals moved way left, the Tories moved further right, and gone from us is that big soft center of politics where political opponents could actually get along for the betterment of Ontario, a big, energetic, rich, successful province, at one time the envy of all jealous others, even oil-rich Alberta. That's all gone now, and I don't see it returning no matter what these parties promise, because they are simply now at the extremes of politics, and words like 'co-operation", "d├ętente" "the public good"...those are gone, I fear, at least for the foreseeable future. So who do you hate more? Who scares you? Which party paints a better picture of the bogeyman? Who's the bully? Who's the criminal? Those are the questions you'll be asked. But....what questions will you ask them? How closely can you hold their feet to the fire? If we, the voters, could do that, we might get some answers we could actually vote on. But sorry, I just don't have that faith in me today. 

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