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Avoiding Overeaction

By John Christie

Add my name to the list of Ontarians and Canadians as one who is proud of the public reaction to last week's Toronto tragedy. It is a blow to all of us in the deepest sense when a mentally-deranged individual decides to rent a van, and kill with it. Yet, we did not rush to judgement nor did we place blame. A police officer showed us how a take-down should be done. The media acted with restraint and professionalism. The first responders, and others who helped as they could, were outstanding. Not to be forgotten, either, I think, is the grace with which all of us have taken the changes in our lives since these outrageous acts began to occur so close to home. Since 911, you and I will often spend more time at the airport than actually flying to a destination, because we need to prove that we are folks who will travel without harming others. In this country, I must prove, in large measure, whether I am fit to possess a gun. Now, I wonder, is the renting of a vehicle next? Will we need to pass security clearance, submit a favourable police criminal-check, and document the reason we want the vehicle? Will GPS trace our every move? Could happen. And if it does, I'm sure we will go through the process with grace, and once again, show our true Canadian colours.

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