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Votes Matter

By Trent Gow

The Ontario election is fast approaching. June 7 is only five weeks away. Will the Liberals emerge with another mandate? Will the PCs sweep to the majority that most pollsters expect? Will the NDP surprise us all? Any of these results is possible - depending on the votes. And that’s the key point. Votes matter!

But it’s increasingly evident that many eligible voters are turned off by all of the choices and may not vote at all. According to this reasoning, Kathleen Wynne has been financially irresponsible, incompetent and unprincipled. Doug Ford is a Trump like bull who carries around his own china shop. And Andrea Horwath seemingly never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. So why vote for any of them?

I share this dilemma but not the conclusion. None of the leaders is appealing to me. But I am going to hold my nose and vote anyways. My vote will be for the candidate in my riding who I feel will best represent my riding and my values. I urge you to do the same. Over the next month do your homework locally, make an informed choice and then vote. 

That’s what representative democracy is all about. Not voting should not be an option. That’s called abdication.

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