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104.9 FM is now the all new Country 104.9! Tune in for Today's Best Country, along with local news, weather, and information.

Matt & Fadi get your day started in the morning, followed by 104 minutes of non-stop country music. Kati Durst takes you through lunch and the workday, and Dusty Hill drives you home each weekday afternoon. In the evening, catch up on the world of country with the Casey Clarke show.

If you're into the classics, don't miss Daryl MacLean's "Country Gold", Sunday nights from 7-11pm, as well as Bluegrass Country Jukebox every weeknight from 10pm-midnight.

Why the change?

Two reasons.

First of all, we've done our research and found that country fans in Huron county felt underserved. We wanted to fill that need.

Secondly, we felt that we could help strengthen the local economy by creating a platform that can reach even more listeners than we did with the former Beach format. That means that local businesses that advertise on the new Country 104.9 will be able to get more customers into their stores and businesses - which is good for everyone!

But I don't like country music. What am I supposed to do?

First of all, we’d really appreciate it if you’d just give us a try for a few days. You may just end up loving us!

Now, if after a few days, you still think that country is not your thing, you have options – you can still listen to our sister station 98 The Beach in Port Elgin (97.9 FM) – and yes, you can also listen online at

I gave you a listen but I like the older country music – not the new stuff you guys play!

Hey, don’t go anywhere just yet! Remember the Beach Party with Daryl MacLean? Good news! Daryl is still with us, but now he’s going to be hosting “Country Gold” every Sunday night – yes, you’ll be able to hear country music from the 60’s right through to the 80’s!

But wait, there’s more! We also throw in classic country songs through the day – every day! So you can still get your ‘good old country' fix!

What else is changing?

Aside from the music, we're still your local radio station for Goderich and beyond. Yes, we’re adding in some new features like a Top 30 Country Countdown and also a weekly Country Gold show but otherwise, the station is the same – yes, Matt and Fadi will still be on in the morning – Kati will be on middays and we’re happy to welcome Dusty Hill to our afternoon show. Dusty has more than 25 years of radio experience and a lot of that has been in Country. He’s looking forward to keeping you company weekday afternoons from 3 to 6.

Hold on! Mike Brough did afternoons at the Beach. Did you fire him?

Nope, Mike is still working with us! You’ll actually hear him on the afternoon show on 98 the Beach that we mentioned above, and he's still Operations Manager at Country 104.9 in Goderich.

Every one of our employees are still with the station - some of them are just doing slightly different jobs now.

You’ve changed the music – have you also changed the news?

No. We will STILL have the same local news and information you’ve come to love us for!

So you’ll still be right on top of everything happening in our community!

How do I know you’re going to stick with country?

Bayshore Broadcasting – which owns the new Country 104.9 - already owns and operates two other country stations in Ontario. They know the format and they know how to deliver fun and engaging programming to listeners – they have a proven track record. We know that country will do very well here in Huron County so we’re in it for the long haul. By the way, we have another Country station launching in Gravenhurst in May 2018! Now you KNOW we’re REALLY into country!

I listened and I love Country 104.9!! How can I get a sticker so I can let everyone know about you guys?

We’d love to give you a sticker! You can either ask us the next time you see us out at an event or you can just pop by the station during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 9-5) and we will gladly hand one (or two or three) over to you!

I’m still not happy with the change. Who can I contact about this?

You can e-mail our brand manager – his name is Shawn Turner and you can reach him at

Thanks for checking out the all-new Country 104.9!

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